Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Graphic Design Skillz

Most people don't know, but before i started doing animation, i was doing Graphic Design. It was alright...crappy money. I wasnt good enuff for big companies, but i was too over the top for small ones. Kinda Like being over qualified or under qualified for a job. Besides it was boring. Doing wack design after design sapps your creativity. But I gotta do it sometimes. Like now, i'm really broke, but i have to do what i must to survive. This is a party that my brother and his friends are putting together. I like working on my brother's flyers, 'cause while he knows what he wants, he lets me get creative and have fun. That's always cool in my book. Till Next Time...PEACE AND BLESSINGS!! ^_^

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Kevin Dalton said...

shit is hot man.

olivia is gonna be there? should cruise by and take pics