Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My New Character Designs!!

Wassup yall, I haven't been around in a minute. I went to the Anime Fest in NYC this pass weekend....what a show. I helped out with the my boy Aero MC at the New York Tokyo Game room where we had mad tournaments for Tekken, Guilty Gear, Virtua Fighter, NEO GEO Battle Colesium, Super Smash Bros, and KOF XI. It was a blast!!! These are some new re-designs of some characters. I'll put a randomsrt dump up sometime this week. Peace and Blessings!! ^_^

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Long Awaited Return....

WHAT IT IS FOLKS!!! Its been a while! i'd say about 2 months. My apologies to those who have come in search of cool new pics and some progress on DSX. Its been crazy. I've been doing alot of freelance for various people and companies. But what i have been doing, which is the most important thing, is shopping DSX around and handling the business end of things. Its hard, but with the help of my crew IDM and my Brother from another mother, Steve Valdez, Things are coming along extremely well. Various people are interested and i'm even talking budget with some of these folks. So i'll try my absolute best to keep all of you informed. In the mean time Here is a redesign i'm doing for my main character. I designed these characters about 5 years ago. I think they are due some kinda make over. More to come... Peace and Blessings!!! ^_^

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Progress So Far...Pt3

Greetings folks. Here with a new update on some progress on the first episode. What a ride! I love working on my own project, you answer to no one but u. So things are looking up with the studio i want to establish, lots of bumps along the way. But i see myself getting there soon. I'll have more to post later. Peace and Blessings yall!! ^_^

Friday, May 11, 2007

My progress so 2

Hey all. I really dont want to show any animation progress only because, when u go see a movie all the parts in the preview dont seem exciting anymore. But this wouldnt be much of a blog on my works on DSX if i didnt show I was watching this movie Undisputed 2 and i saw this roundhouse kick that i loved, so i studied the timing and movment. Basically i did some roto-timing as opposed to roto-scoping. the diference is that with roto-scope i'd have to draw out each individual frame. with roto-timing i just sketch out the actual movment from what i see and apply my own timing. At least i think thats how i think it In anycase check out the gif. I really want to intensify this fight scene, so i've been watching my favorite movie fight scenes like crazy. Hell i was even watching the Last Dragon. I love that flick. Any who. Peace and Blessings. ^_^

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Bad Back...

UGH!!! A few months ago i had intense back pain that stuck around for like 2 weeks. It went away and i was happy as all fuck. I was able to move, run, and do all of my daily things again. Guess what happens this morning when i wake up? You guessed it, Its back with a vengence and i'm pissed as all fuck. I recently started this new diet regimen and exercise is involved, now i cant do that. I swear if pain was a physical person i'd beat the shit out of him right now.

Besides all i said recently, i been putting together a studio. We found a great spot but there was extensive water damage. So we're back to looking. So its gonna be a few more weeks b4 we start up. i the mean time i've been learning how to use programs like Dreamweaver and After Effects. Just to further my knowledge on Adobe software. I'm trying to build a site now (u'll see below).
I tried b4 in the past but my coding was wrong, or something was off, now after studying all these new tutorials, i have a grasp on some of this stuff.

So hopefully soon i'll have an actually site people can go to soon. once i know whats what, i'll announce it. in the meant time here are some other drawings i did in the past week. hope yall enjoy. Peace and Blessings.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Progress so far...

So it seems that I may be part of of opening of, what can be, a good animation studio. If thats the case...then It's about to be ON!!! Once everything has been finalized I'll make an official announcement. For the time being I've been dealing with all the technical specs of everything. Also on the side working on the next DSX animation. things are still crazy with it, bt i'm making good progress. For the fight scene i'm going to actually record my method of animation for those who are curious as to how i produce it. Well back to work people. Peace and Blessings Folks!! ^_^


Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Return...

HEY!! Greetings and salutations!! After months of freelance, debt, and catching up to debt, I have retrned. Its been a bumpy ride, but none the less, a good one. Now that i have returned from my pilgrimage of catering to the enemy and travels to Dead N**** BLVD, I'm back in full effect developing the next DSX animation. I originally wanted to start of as a comic. So i just took my ruffs and re-drew them for story board format. This installment of DSX is going to be the full story. I'm trying to go for an online animated series until it gets picked up for something bigger. Once again its back into the Danger room of art and see if i can survive and come out with something decent. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of my next DSX animation. I apologize to everyone for not being around and putting up new work. I'll make up for it. Peace and Blessings yall. ^_^

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Blast from the PAST!!

EEWWWW!! Don't you hate when you go thru your old drawings and find your most ugliest drawings? I found a Cd that was unmarked and check it out. To my suprise i found art dating back to when i was about 18 years old. I look at this now and think to myself...God i've progressed. And to think, at the time i did these...I thought it was the best thing in this world...LOL. Till next time (with new Peace and Blessings!! ^_^