Friday, May 11, 2007

My progress so 2

Hey all. I really dont want to show any animation progress only because, when u go see a movie all the parts in the preview dont seem exciting anymore. But this wouldnt be much of a blog on my works on DSX if i didnt show I was watching this movie Undisputed 2 and i saw this roundhouse kick that i loved, so i studied the timing and movment. Basically i did some roto-timing as opposed to roto-scoping. the diference is that with roto-scope i'd have to draw out each individual frame. with roto-timing i just sketch out the actual movment from what i see and apply my own timing. At least i think thats how i think it In anycase check out the gif. I really want to intensify this fight scene, so i've been watching my favorite movie fight scenes like crazy. Hell i was even watching the Last Dragon. I love that flick. Any who. Peace and Blessings. ^_^

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Bad Back...

UGH!!! A few months ago i had intense back pain that stuck around for like 2 weeks. It went away and i was happy as all fuck. I was able to move, run, and do all of my daily things again. Guess what happens this morning when i wake up? You guessed it, Its back with a vengence and i'm pissed as all fuck. I recently started this new diet regimen and exercise is involved, now i cant do that. I swear if pain was a physical person i'd beat the shit out of him right now.

Besides all i said recently, i been putting together a studio. We found a great spot but there was extensive water damage. So we're back to looking. So its gonna be a few more weeks b4 we start up. i the mean time i've been learning how to use programs like Dreamweaver and After Effects. Just to further my knowledge on Adobe software. I'm trying to build a site now (u'll see below).
I tried b4 in the past but my coding was wrong, or something was off, now after studying all these new tutorials, i have a grasp on some of this stuff.

So hopefully soon i'll have an actually site people can go to soon. once i know whats what, i'll announce it. in the meant time here are some other drawings i did in the past week. hope yall enjoy. Peace and Blessings.