Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Progress so far...

So it seems that I may be part of of opening of, what can be, a good animation studio. If thats the case...then It's about to be ON!!! Once everything has been finalized I'll make an official announcement. For the time being I've been dealing with all the technical specs of everything. Also on the side working on the next DSX animation. things are still crazy with it, bt i'm making good progress. For the fight scene i'm going to actually record my method of animation for those who are curious as to how i produce it. Well back to work people. Peace and Blessings Folks!! ^_^


Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Return...

HEY!! Greetings and salutations!! After months of freelance, debt, and catching up to debt, I have retrned. Its been a bumpy ride, but none the less, a good one. Now that i have returned from my pilgrimage of catering to the enemy and travels to Dead N**** BLVD, I'm back in full effect developing the next DSX animation. I originally wanted to start of as a comic. So i just took my ruffs and re-drew them for story board format. This installment of DSX is going to be the full story. I'm trying to go for an online animated series until it gets picked up for something bigger. Once again its back into the Danger room of art and see if i can survive and come out with something decent. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of my next DSX animation. I apologize to everyone for not being around and putting up new work. I'll make up for it. Peace and Blessings yall. ^_^