Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Favorite Video Game Turned Movie...

It's on!! SILENT HILL the movie...God i've been waitin' for this for so long now. For those of you that have played and enjoyed this game from the pits of hell, know that this movie will be amazing. And for those who have never played this game, imagine JACOB'S LADDER meets HELLRAISER. There is no way this movie will suck. You have Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf) directing, and Roger Avary (Plp Fiction, True Romance) writing. The only way this movie will suck is if Britany Spears performs at the end while giving birth to her second child on stage. while her trailer park trash sperm donor of a husband performs his wack ass hip hop song while wearing the Burger King guy's mask...yea. Any who can wait to see it...Peace and Blessings yall.

1 comment:

Malaki said...

Chuck says: "There is no way this movie can suck!"


Awww I'm sorry the correct answer was, "What a load of shit that was.", yes "What a load of shit that was.". Well thank you for playing Chuck. Bob tell him what he has won!!