Thursday, June 29, 2006

My WallPaper...

Hetep everyone! I started working on some wallpapers. None of this would be possible without the amazing 3-D and graphic talents of Adriane Hall aka Zahrah. She's an awsome graph artist and is sick with design, look out for her.
So this is the first one of a series, Ms. ASSATA AYO.
I know my blog from yesterday seemed a bit harsh, but its things that needed to be said. Anyone who questions my opinion, please feel free to talk to ME, not behind my back. With that said. Peace and Blessings All!!! ^_^

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Industrial Revolution...

Why is it that we artists are probably the worst treated interms of working for companies. We dont get proper health insurance, our jobs arent secure, we have no pention, no retirment plan. The only way these things are available to us is if WE saught them out ourselves. One day your working and the next ur dept. is cut cause of a low budget, or major companies hire u as a freelancer to work for pennies and expect the world all because they are a major company. I do all the grunt work, bust my ass and n the end i get a pat on the back and a few dollars to move on, all the while ur pockets are getting fat. In the words of Immortal Technique...."So wait a minute... you want me to go shopping, cook the food, and put it in front of you but you won't let me sit down and eat with you? The fuck is that?"

Here is what i say to all the uncreative, whiney, strongheaded, no college degree having (cause you know they got that job cause their boy works there), arrogant, money grubbing execs.... Without me, without people like me, the talented artists in this world that u use to sell ur product, YOU AINT NOTHING BUT A BAD IDEA MOTHA know your place.

I sound kind of upset cause i am...i'm tired of the sorry state of the entertainment industry, from animation, to music, to many times are you gonna use the same shitty ass marketing formula. Although the USA is full of sheep, but its so bad now that even some sheep will question the shepherd. I dont wanna here the bullshit about how "we're giving the public what they want, if they didnt want it they wouldnt buy it..." Are you kidding me? You give no one variety. the radio waves and Television are overrun with mediocraty because you run it 10,000,000 times a fucking day. if its all they see, and all they hear, they have no choice but to love it.

I'm tired of artists bitching and complaining about how much they hate the industry. Everyone is complaing but too chicken shit to do anything. They are just as bad as the sheep the buy into the crap that their employer is selling to them. What's worse is the house nigga execs that sit up there and say "i hate the way things are, i wanna change things" If thats so, why are you still running programs that exploits ppl's negative aspects to make money. If that's what your job is than do that, dont bitch and scream, do what u do best and be a part of the MACHINE, and let People like me RAGE AGAINST IT!!

This isnt directed to everyone in the industry, i have friends in there and i know there are positive people trying hard to makes things happen...this is isnt directed to them. If you take any offese to what i said, then dont get mad at me, question urself as to why ur upset and why u find my words offensive. I'm just saying what everyone is thinking. I am who I am, anyone who knows me knows i dont hold my tounge.
This wont be the first i've spoken from the heart, and it will NOT be the last time. Peace and Blessings!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Comic Pin-Up...

It's been awhile. Been going thru some major changes as far as my career is concerned. I have recently learned a great deal about my self. I have learned that once you believe in something, you stick by it. I wont go into that right now because this topic deserves its own post. But i will say this...i'm not taking any deals with blanket full of small pox slipped in there somewhere.
With that out the way. I did this pin-up for my boy Jimmy Bott for his book Half Dead. Jimmy is the man, altho he's gonna kill me cause i'm so late with this...::hides::

I'll keep yal posted on more things to come, and i'll elaborate more on my revelation when i get a chance...Peace and Blessings.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Extreme Close Up!

Something about a close up scene that's intense to me. I've always liked drawing them. Getting in there for every detail. Till next time, peace and blessings!! ^_^

Monday, June 05, 2006

My Comic Book...

Hey, so i been on the grind working on my book again. Here are some goodies for the next issue..i'll keep you posted. Peace and Blessings. ^_^