Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Christmas in the Silent Forest

No More LIQUOR!!! Thats it for me. No more!! Last night i went to my boy Raj's birthday bash. It was fun at first. But then i drank mad Rum and Coke...bad move. I was throwing up all over the place, and crying about my life. try and picture a 6'1" 300 lbs black man cryning. LOL. Looks wierd doesnt it? I must have lost ever cool point i gained with my friends last night. Ask me why i was crying...I dunno. Maybe i have a lot more on my mind than i thought i did. I'm one of those people that holds everything in. So i guess being drunk takes away that wall that i put up. Never again. I love my friends, they were there last night trying to make me feel better. But i'm still embarassed. So this little video represents my mood today. Enjoy. Till next time yall.


Afua Richardson said...

you know, i learned from much experience that you need to really be upfront with your feelings and the people you have issues with directly. in some instances there are ways to direct that energy constructivly but most of the time emotions betray you, if you don't give them thier fair due.

be happy it was in front of your friends. and not where people didnt care about you. find someone you really trust who you know wont judge you and just talk man -- a man i knew once said its easy to be " tough" and hide your emotions but it takes strength to be able to show emotion -- hence the affects of liquid courage. i love you man -- ;; hugs;; keep your head up

Ock_11 said...

LMAO XD sorry man