Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Space Cowgirl...

About 2 years ago i heard the song "Space Cowboy" by Jamiroquai for the first time. The song was about weed. I dont smoke it but i've always found the weed "culture" facinating. Anywayz, Cheeba Cheena is a result of my facination. A character born out of the love for the 4:20. lol. Enjoy, till next time, Peace and Blessings yall. ^_^

My "Beautiful" Love Song...

When i was with my Ex, she made me hear a song called "Beautiful" by BlackStar (Mos Def and Talib Kwali) and Mary J. Blige. It was probably the best Rap love song i ever heard hands down. Just to quote..."You know what, they say that beauty's in the eye of the beholder/So I use my third, and now I love the silent like a boulder/Want to be with you as I get older And that's my word, sure as I stand on my ancestors' shoulders..."
THAT IS DEEP!!! I love this song because its what i would like to feel about the person that i would find and fall in love with. When that will happen...i have know idea. I actrually kinda gave up on finding that one tru love. I dont want to sound bleek but things dont ever go my way in that department. I'm either too nice, or just a good friend. What i hate is how women tell me that i am a nice guy and that i'm handsome and i will find that someone. Now lemme break that down...if i was all that, why have i been single for almost 2 years. Not to mention every girl i have liked or asked out has told me the same thing. ok maybe i should chance my game, be a flaming asshole and most women i see like to throw themselves at. I cant do that, its not who i am. So i say fuck it. If they want the drama and the heartache, i'm not that kinda guy to give it to em. I'm Hopless Romantic and a "nice" guy that shows shivelry and manners...and if that means that i stay single cause of be it, i'm proud of who i am. yea it will be lonley, but you know what...i'm content with who i am. Peace and Blessings yall!! ^_^

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Favorite Video Game Turned Movie...

It's on!! SILENT HILL the movie...God i've been waitin' for this for so long now. For those of you that have played and enjoyed this game from the pits of hell, know that this movie will be amazing. And for those who have never played this game, imagine JACOB'S LADDER meets HELLRAISER. There is no way this movie will suck. You have Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf) directing, and Roger Avary (Plp Fiction, True Romance) writing. The only way this movie will suck is if Britany Spears performs at the end while giving birth to her second child on stage. while her trailer park trash sperm donor of a husband performs his wack ass hip hop song while wearing the Burger King guy's mask...yea. Any who can wait to see it...Peace and Blessings yall.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Graphic Design Skillz

Most people don't know, but before i started doing animation, i was doing Graphic Design. It was alright...crappy money. I wasnt good enuff for big companies, but i was too over the top for small ones. Kinda Like being over qualified or under qualified for a job. Besides it was boring. Doing wack design after design sapps your creativity. But I gotta do it sometimes. Like now, i'm really broke, but i have to do what i must to survive. This is a party that my brother and his friends are putting together. I like working on my brother's flyers, 'cause while he knows what he wants, he lets me get creative and have fun. That's always cool in my book. Till Next Time...PEACE AND BLESSINGS!! ^_^

Friday, April 14, 2006

My Inconvenient Truth

Wassup...I just saw a preview for the movie "An Inconvenient Truth." It's a movie about Global Warming...I did not know it was that serious. Al Gore hosts the documentary and throws out facts about global warming that will blow your mind. If u value your existance on this earth, check out the preview and the movie when it comes's the trailer, Till next time... Peace and Blessings.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Muscular Woman...

You know, sometime i draw my female charcters and people tell me that they are too "deisle." I say BAH!! I went to see an african Dance show last week, It was incredible!! I couldnt help but notice the one girl who was soo defined. Her muscles were huge, but she wasnt exagerated like the body builder type. She was graceful, but BAD-ASS! One moment she was a Bad-Ass woman warrior and the next she was as graceful as a Queen. I draw my female characters as bad-asses only because i know how strong women are. This character of mine, Assata, is the leader of DSX..leader of a revolutionary movment. So is she gonna look like B'yonce or is she gonna look like a hard hitting revolutionary leader that will whup ur ass like a one legged man in an ass kicking comtest? Till next time Yall. PEACE AND BLESSINGS!! ^_^

My Sprout...

Introducing Aje. She is the second leading character in the story of DSX. She is sent from Africa to search for Aza Khan. Deadly assasin and martial artist. She is not to be messed with. When she first joins the cast of DSX her head is shaved. She cut her locks because she had to mix in with the slaves under the rule of the OWG (One World Government). As the story progresses hair hair begins to grow back. She'll explain the significance of her locks and what they mean while they are growning back. So at this stage she is known as a sprout. Her locks are like the sprout of a tree. Till Next time yall...Peace and Blessings. ^_^

My Hero...

Assata Shakur...What more can i say. One of my heros. So much an infuence on me that i made this character "Assata Ayo" after her. Strong Black women to lead a nation.
What's funny is i found out recently that the president of BET was a black woman. It shocked me, how can an educated black woman let a network run her own African sisters thru the mud?
See if you ask me i will tell you that men and women are equal on every level. This President of BET is proof of that. Proof that a black woman can screw her own race to get ahead like any other black man could....till next time yall. Peace and Blessings.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Foxy Lady...

So i havent drawn a sexy girl for a long time. Today my homegirl Damoli came thru and wanted a pic of a sexy Fox girl. I never drew a sexy fox-girl, so i figure there is a first time for everything...till next time, Peace and Blessings yall. ^_^

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My 30th Birthday...

I made it!! I'm here!! 30 years old. Jeez i cant believe it...15 years ago i was 15, and 10 years ago i was 20, where does all the years go? Anywho i been listen to the theme of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Like crazy, its officially my # Song on Maybe its cause i'm a big fane of the series. Check it it out. Till next time. PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Christmas in the Silent Forest

No More LIQUOR!!! Thats it for me. No more!! Last night i went to my boy Raj's birthday bash. It was fun at first. But then i drank mad Rum and Coke...bad move. I was throwing up all over the place, and crying about my life. try and picture a 6'1" 300 lbs black man cryning. LOL. Looks wierd doesnt it? I must have lost ever cool point i gained with my friends last night. Ask me why i was crying...I dunno. Maybe i have a lot more on my mind than i thought i did. I'm one of those people that holds everything in. So i guess being drunk takes away that wall that i put up. Never again. I love my friends, they were there last night trying to make me feel better. But i'm still embarassed. So this little video represents my mood today. Enjoy. Till next time yall.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Consistancy

I'm on page 2 now. Things are moving a bit better. My boy Kendall Patterson has just joined the DSX family, he's helping me on Colors, so things should move a little better. Till next time yall. Peace.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Romantic Fantasy

Who said Revolutionary Evolved Humans can't fall in love? Just cause i dont have a girlfriend in real life, doesnt mean my character should suffer from my non-existant love life. So for all the people that are in love at this moment, or even like someone very much...take a moment and appreciate this pic and remember how that special someone makes you feel. Till Next time yall. Peace and Blessings!! ^_^

My Creative Juices...

Yes!! My momentum is back!! everything is starting to come back into place...aaahhhh what a good feeling. I'm actually goint to keep the pages in this Issue TOP SECRET. I dont wanna give away the cool stuff until it comes out. ^_^. So i'll post a panel here and a panel there. Yall will just have to wait and find out. In the meantime, Here's Aza waiting to whup some NWO Ass!!!! Peace and Blessings all!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My First Panel.

Hey all! So after some time and preparation for the next issue, I started the first Page. I was kind of scared to start working on the book again. Really because i wanted to out do Issue #0, but i began to realize that I have to let is flow. The book will get better with my progression as an artist. I realize that there is a lot of competition out there in the world of comics. In fact one day u can be the hottest thing out there and then the next day your low rate help. One of my problems used to be that i let the competition intimidate me. I would feel confident about artwork i did and then see a comic that knocked everything i did out the box, i would say, i cant keep up. But with the help of some Sage advice from some really cool mentors in the industry, i looked passed all that. While i was so busy trying to out do everything i saw, i didnt let myself grow as an artist, i wasnt expressing myself. That was my problem. Sometimes that feeling coming back up, but its on a different level. dealing with the business and political aspects is a whole different story. If my mom didnt raise a strong man...I would've given up by now. Till next time yall. Peace and Blessings!! ^_^

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Rotting Self...

As i approach the 11th of this month, which is my 30th birthday, Many things come into my mind...Will i be successfull doin my project DSX? Will i meet that certain someone? Will i be able to live financially comfortable? Will i have kids? All that stuff swirls in my head everyday.
I have friends and family that are very supportive of what i'm trying to accomplish with my project. Thing is, it seems some of them say they are supportive but dont understand what i'm trying to do. Recently i have been getting nagged to stop "Rotting Away." Rotting away? what does that mean? Is it because i dont hang as much? Is it because i'm workin hard trying to make a life long dream come true?
I have worked Really Really Hard on DSX. Months of drawing, preperation, hustling, everything i need to do to get this going. I spent 4 months not living with a steady paycheck to do this, and what little money i did have, i put into my project. People need to understand that there is no progress without struggle. Do ppl think i like not having money, not being able to hang out, or even connect with someone of the opposite sex? Of coarse i do, but i also have an obligation to myself to reach i goal that i set out for. All the other things will come in due time.
So in conclusion, I know i'm young, but i'm not that young. I know that life is creepin up on me. I know that if i dont do what i need to do i will look back on my life and say i should've this or should've that. Which is why i HAVE TO FINISH DSX. I get it ppl. I know what i need to do. Now stop nagging me...

My Hustle...

Wassup yall. You know, ITS HARD OUT HERE FOR AN ANTI-PIMP. I guess if i was making a comic book full of big guns and big boobies, or big swords and big boobies, i would have been published by now. But its all good, its just the state of the industry i guess. I've been hustling trying to get my stuff out there. Sapps all your creative juices...what a drag. Any who I was bored this morning and drew an Aza pic, I dunno something subtle...something for the ladies!!..hehehehe. I'm workin on issue 1 now, i'll have some sketches to show during the week. Till next time Yall. PEACE AND BLESSINGS!! ^_^