Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My First Panel.

Hey all! So after some time and preparation for the next issue, I started the first Page. I was kind of scared to start working on the book again. Really because i wanted to out do Issue #0, but i began to realize that I have to let is flow. The book will get better with my progression as an artist. I realize that there is a lot of competition out there in the world of comics. In fact one day u can be the hottest thing out there and then the next day your low rate help. One of my problems used to be that i let the competition intimidate me. I would feel confident about artwork i did and then see a comic that knocked everything i did out the box, i would say, i cant keep up. But with the help of some Sage advice from some really cool mentors in the industry, i looked passed all that. While i was so busy trying to out do everything i saw, i didnt let myself grow as an artist, i wasnt expressing myself. That was my problem. Sometimes that feeling coming back up, but its on a different level. dealing with the business and political aspects is a whole different story. If my mom didnt raise a strong man...I would've given up by now. Till next time yall. Peace and Blessings!! ^_^

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