Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Sketchbook...

You know it has occured to me that i havent bought a sketch book in Years. Why you may ask? Mostly because of modern technology. With all these new gadgets such as Wacom tablet and such, i dont need one, i can sketch forever and just delete if i dont like something, it saves alot of time, and its not as messy. But i will say, there is something missing. There is a satisfaction of putting pen to paper that you can never get from drawing into a computer.
Anywho, I havent updated in a few days, been trying to get my head straight. Have you ever gotten to a point where you must make decisions that will effect your career? Either you gamble or you dont. thats where i'm at. Its almost sickening to see that the art industry is in such a sorry and sad state. If you dont have people putting the foot on you to step ahead, your stuck with the people that stick to a mediocre formula that they think will get them quich cash or recognition. I dunno, i wish i could win the lottery and make my own standards...Hey...Ya never Peace and Blessings. ^_^


Kevin Dalton said...

oh shit what program is that i want it.

dyuken said...

Hey Chuck
I dig what your doing. I sent Lakota a n email thinking it was you. I think you and I are own the same page with some of these concepts. Hit me up at and push the email icon at the top of my page.

In otherwords get a brotha brotha.