Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Reformed Skin-Head...

Many people ask me, "if DSX is supposed to be called Dread Society X, why doent EVERYONE has dreads?" Well, DSX's history, in the book, are a group of individuals who started a revolutionary group and used the dreadlocks as a sign of freedom and non-conformaty. Well others walked around "bald"= unaware or unenlightened, those with dreads wore thier hair free as a sign of indepenence. It was an ideology made by the founders, but they did not expect every one to follow it. All yu need to be down with DSX is clear knowledge of what is going on in the world and the heart and strength to change it.
Turner, was a character that i had mad after my run in with skin heads in high school. Some of them were good kids under that neo-nazi facade. But thier need to belong to something clouded their better judgement. When you think about it, the Neo-Nazi movement is still an extreme radical group with its own political ideolgy... Just like Al Quaida. Funny how we go after extremists on one country while we leave the ones at home alone, but thats another blog.
Turner and his brother, in the story, are Skin-heads that no longer share the belief of racism and separation that they once had. Turner joined DSX after learning that his other brothers sold out to the One World Government...not to mention he started a relationship with Assata's younger sister, i'll get into that later.
Till Next time folks...Peace and Blessings!


Ock_11 said...

i can tell things are gonna get real interesting when Turner appears

Ock_11 said...

I recall seeing a picture with Turner having hair tho