Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Absence shall not be tolerated!!!

Hello once again . I know I've done this before. You know the whole "I'm sorry i haven't been around and posted.." pitch. But its been a rough year. Freelance isn't what it used to be, the writer's strike left me back at square one, and i had equipment failure...Other than that i've been fine. Trails and tribulations...whatever, we all have 'em. We can rest comfort in someone wise words of encouragement to keep pushing forward, but in the end its all on you. You have to push yourself. So i keep pushing. I realize that its the only thing in this world we can do, the only real freedom we have. Keep on pushing and keep on working on ur goal.
On that note, I started working on DSX again. I'm in the early stages of doing storyboards for the first actuall episode (yes people it wont be a bunch of cool drawings and cool animation with no story). This actually have a script and a very cool one i might add thanks to the writing talents of my good friends at IDM Films. Other People have joined me on my quest to do this animation. My good friend Keith Miller will be lending me his legal, as well as, writing expertise. And an old friend from High School showed up in my life like a cool Emo anime character in the last battle to save the world. My good buddy Tony Cortes, who plays Guitar in his band HYBRID DAWN. hey let me use one of their tracks to make a revamped trailer, and they also want to Lend some music for the animation. Here is their site.

Here is the trailer with The Hybrid Dawn track titled, GOD IN ME:

Also Here are some early designs for a freelance gig i;m working on. As Always Peace and Blessings!! ^_^

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