Friday, May 11, 2007

My progress so 2

Hey all. I really dont want to show any animation progress only because, when u go see a movie all the parts in the preview dont seem exciting anymore. But this wouldnt be much of a blog on my works on DSX if i didnt show I was watching this movie Undisputed 2 and i saw this roundhouse kick that i loved, so i studied the timing and movment. Basically i did some roto-timing as opposed to roto-scoping. the diference is that with roto-scope i'd have to draw out each individual frame. with roto-timing i just sketch out the actual movment from what i see and apply my own timing. At least i think thats how i think it In anycase check out the gif. I really want to intensify this fight scene, so i've been watching my favorite movie fight scenes like crazy. Hell i was even watching the Last Dragon. I love that flick. Any who. Peace and Blessings. ^_^


iftz said...
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iftz said...

I am contacting you in regards to an interview request for an animation column in a national magazine.

Andre Moore said...

Looks good man. I just watched Last dragon with the wife last week. lol! You doing it big with the animation.

Anonymous said...

Here's one person, waiting to see this project reach completion.

Keep climbing, man.


Nicky Fingaz said...

Very cool stuff. I remember your stuff from the Lesean forums and maybe the Gaijin Studios forums too. I stopped forumming and just been doing the and life thing.

I ran across your blog on a link from Chamba's blog.

You sound pretty lefty politically so figured I'd drop some news/analysis links that I dig.

ZNet -
Infoshop -
Anarchist FAQ -

My DA page updated long long ago -

Anyhoo, I'd buy your stuff if I could find it.

Good luck.