Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Hard Work!!

Hey Folks, Long time no see. Well I guess you can say that i've been busy working on animation for DSX. I can begin to feel like i'm reaching closer and closer to something actually happening with this project. Altho my social life has been compromised for the advancement of this project...the pay-off has been great. I feel myself growing more as an artist and i'm becoming more comfortable with my style. As artists, no matter how good we get or people think we are, we always struggle with becoming better than what we are. I was actually afraid to do this animation. Last year i initially wanted to do an anaimation instead of a book. But i let fear and opinions dictate the way i should do things. People would tell me "Chuck it takes a full studio to do an animation, u cant do it on ur own..." or " Why bother networks and film companies wont like DSX cause of the something else..." or my personal favorite, "Chuck we have a great project but we can only pay you shit money and demand the world from you, but its work and you have to take it because we have a big name and its the nature of the business..." Please...listening to all that and a few more choice statements is what drove me into Hiatus for DSx, and that is one thing this year that i regret. I did this animation out of anger and just being plain tired. Why is it that people have to go by some dumb industry standard. Why cant i express myself without being penalized and saying.."your goin outside the norm" "Things arent done this way" " You need to draw animate and kiss ass like this to get ahead"...FUCK THAT!!
I know there are somethings in this animation that could have been way better, and i know that with more money, time effort it could have been great. But i only used what i had available to my, Flash MX, iMovie, Garage Band, my Mac, and My imagination!! Its not the best animation in the world, but i'm damn proud of it! Cause i got my hands dirty, i created something, which alot of us artists have forgotten to do. So if u have a project, dont let anyone ever tell you that u cant do it, or u dont have enough resources, or its just impossible...its not. If u have the will it can be done. Please Check out my anaimation, tell me what u think, if u hated it fine if i like it even better, but i'm sharing it with you Its why i think i was meant to exist.
Peace and Blessings Yall!!!


REE said...

CHUCK!! It's REE, man...TYREE. I found you through a link on kevin dalton's blog. Man, how ironic is it that you post this on MY birthday!! haha!

Man, congratulations on sackin' up and just doin what you feel. Nothin' beats a failure but a try. And you did what most don't...which is to actually "DO" ...all mistakes aside, I'm proud of you and your achievements because it is just that...yours.

Job well, done, brudda. I'm linkin you.


Jamal Otolorin said...

Yo Chuck. Work looks great man. I love seeing independent stuff like this. Keep it up man. Congrats on finishing your project. I hope to see more.



Roc said...

this is hot as hell!

Mystery of Albesila said...

Very cool! very cool!